Actions Against Public Authorities

Actions Against Public Authorities

Instalaw are proud to hold a Legal Aid contract in relation to actions against public authorities.

We are able to represent clients in a wide range of areas under this contract, subject to financial qualification or alternatively by private instruction or other funding options.

Some examples of the cases which our team can deal with include the following:

Representation at Inquest proceedings
- We are able to represent the families and other interested parties at some inquest proceedings where they have lost loved ones during what is often an intense and stressful time.
- Legal aid for inquests is often available where the proceedings are in the interest of the public.

Complaints against the Police at a local and Independent Police Complaints Commission level
- Such complaints can relate to intentional harm caused by officers, assaults, malicious prosecution and mistreatment.

Wrongful arrest and claims for unlawful detention
- Examples include claims for people arrested without any legal basis and those detained in custody without reason or beyond their release date. We are experts in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Breaches of Human Rights
- Cases brought under this area can include breaches of a right to a fair trial or right to a private life, right to freedom of thought, belief and religion.

Deaths in Custody / Prison
- We are able to assist the family of the deceased in understanding why a loved one may have died in the care of the authorities and in brining action as a result of wrongdoing.

Injuries and mistreatment claims in prison
- The authorities have a duty of care towards those in prison and in detention. We can act for those injured or mistreated as a result of any negligence.

Complaints against social services
- We are able to assist those that have had negligent or unfair decisions made about them by Social Services.

If you cannot see the area above which relates to your case then please get in touch. We are able to assist in many other areas and in claims against various other parties.

We are able to deal with such claims from both our Staffordshire and Nottingham offices which can be reached on 01782 560155.

Please email for further assistance.