International Justice Law

International Justice Law

Building upon its established national reputation for the provision for exceptional advice and representation for those detained in prison, Instalaw is now in a position to offer that same advice to individuals who are either suspected of crimes internationally, or detained in those other countries.

We have a team of highly experiences advocates and consultants, and further, partner with the country’s leading Barristers Chambers on issues of transnational justice.

Our sole priority is to assist our client to secure the best possible outcome either at the investigatory stage, or during or after any eventual trial, using all avenues of redress, including petitions of complaint to the United Nations System of Protection.

As with all such matters, the sooner representation is instructed, the better. It is possible to have international arrest warrants removed prior to formal proceedings being commenced in appropriate circumstances.

Interpol and International Warrants
Interpol uses its system of ‘Notices’ to enable individuals to be brought to the attention of domestic police forces and border agencies in other countries.

It is an essential system that enables those suspected of criminality being traced and detained when such individuals have fled a jurisdiction.

However, as well enabling critical information to be shared between agencies, it is also a system that has, and will continue to be manipulated by those states that have no respect for the Rule of Law, and instead seek to use the system to arrest and detain those that it deems a threat.

Such threats may be because of a competing business interest, or because an individual is deemed a threat to the ruling regime because of their political activities.

The reality, is that when dealing with such countries, particularly those in the Middle-East, there is a risk of becoming targeted, despite an individual being entirely innocent of all allegations.

Politically motivated criminal proceedings are used on countless occasions.

The imposition of an Interpol ‘Red-Notice’ or other such notice, will have a significant impact on the individual made subject. International travel immediately becomes unsafe given the likelihood of arrest and/or extradition, along with further potential damage such as the closure of bank accounts, and the damage sustained to professional and personal reputations.

Such notices can be subjected to challenge however, but it is essential that any individual subjected to such a notice instructs representation immediately so as to enable appropriately submissions can be made to Interpol.

Instalaw and those Barristers it instructs in such matters are experts the relevant procedure and have an enviable record in having such notices removed.

International Criminal Matters
If an individual falls foul of the law in a jurisdiction other than England and Wales there are a number of issues to be taken into account over and above the charges themselves.

On occasion, charges may have been fabricated, conditions of arrest and detention may fall foul of international standards, or there may be a very real concern insofar as fair trial rights are concerned.

There is no need to suffer these human rights abuses and merely accept them, there are avenues through which such issues can be raised, and means by which complaints can be made.

The United Nations may be in a position to consider a complaint through its system of protection, but it is essential that expert representation is instructed to enable the appropriate complaint(s) to be drafted.

Instalaw is, also through its partners, able to offer such services, as well as strategic public advocacy and negotiation services, both to try and prevent litigation and prosecution, but where such litigation is necessary, provide a package of representation to ensure both that the rights of an individual are protected, but also, that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Client Needs
Instalaw believes in tailoring a bespoke package of representation and services to each individual client subject to their specific needs and the needs of the situation that they find themselves in.

As each situation is unique, so will be the requirements of each client, and it is here where Instalaw can offer unparalleled expertise and experience.

Barristers and experts that we instruct have been involved in some of the most significant international cases in recent years, and accordingly, we are in an ideal position to assist in whatever situation has arisen, be it the simple writing of a letter, to complaints before international monitoring mechanisms, to the provision of long-term strategic legal services.