Reise Luke

Trainee Solicitor

T: 0115 8246555
Nottingham Office

Reise currently supervises the Prison Law Department at our Nottingham Office.

She has now been practicing and specialising in Prison Law for six years and has a vast knowledge of all aspects in relation to this area.

Reise has a large client following that includes a wide range of different types of sentenced prisoners.

Reise has conducted many Parole Board Oral Hearings in front of Judicial members for IPP and Life Sentenced clients and she has obtained many successful results for her clients, some of whom have been stuck in the prison system for many years.

Reise’s clients appreciate her honest and realistic approach and know they can count on her for supportive guidance throughout what can be a very difficult and stressful time. Reise likes to take the time to get to know her client’s circumstances in full, in order for her to offer fair and considerate representation.

Reise studied Criminal Justice and Law at University and has always been focused on specialising in criminal areas of law. Due to this, her knowledge encompasses a wide array of criminal justice matters that assist her in offering the most up to date and pragmatic advice to her clients. Reise is always committed to progressing her knowledge in all areas of Law in order to ensure she is offering the best advice to her clients.

Reise currently assists in all aspects of Prison Law including but not limited to, paper and oral Parole Board reviews for determinate and indeterminate sentence prisoners, recall reviews, Category A reviews, Secretary of State review period appeals and return to closed condition appeals.

Reise also represents a number of female clients and young offenders in need of an empathetic and attentive representative.

Reise is an active member of the Association of Prison Lawyers and Nottingham Law Society. She is available to be contacted from our Nottingham Office.