Courts & Police Interviews

Courts & Police Interviews

We do not hold a legal aid contract in this area but we are able to provide assistance on a fixed fee, private paying basis.

Our team has vast cumulative experience in court representations and interviews with the police.

By instructing Instalaw you can ensure that you will receive the very best advice from qualified solicitors and expert barristers.

We are happy to meet with you prior to any arranged court date or pre-arranged police interview to discuss your options and explain how the entire judicial process will work.

We can deal with all aspects of police station representation, Magistrates or Crown court appearances at any court in England or Wales.

We also offer a unique service for victims of crime who have been asked to attend at court to give evidence. We are able to explain the implications of giving evidence, entire court process for victims, available services for victim support and guide them through the likely questions they may be asked in court through a mock cross examination process.

We understand that many victims of crime feel frightened of attending court, even when they have done nothing wrong. We help put them at ease by making sure they are aware of exactly what will happen on the day they attend at court.

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