Craig Sinclair


Civil Law

T: 01782 560155
Staffordshire Office (Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Craig is a Prison Law Advisor based in our Staffordshire office.

He has specialised in this area since joining our team in 2016 after completing his Law Degree - LLB (Hons) at the University of Liverpool.

Craig assists clients across England and Wales through every step of the parole review process and is experienced before the Parole Board.

Craig’s particular expertise lie in representing determinate sentenced prisoners who have been recalled, in addition to representing life sentenced and Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) prisoners at parole hearings.

As a Prison Law Advisor, Craig assists with private clients, providing representations for Determinate Categorisation reviews, Home Detention Curfew applications, Prison Transfers and challenging licence conditions.

Craig is passionate about providing quality care to all of his clients and achieving the best possible results in every case he manages.

Craig undertakes work in relation to the following prison law matters:

  • Parole Board Oral Hearings
  • Parole Board Paper Reviews
  • Indeterminate Sentence for Public Protection (‘IPP’)
  • Life Sentence inmates
  • Discretionary Life Sentence inmates
  • Pre-Tariff Sift Reviews and Pre-Tariff Parole Reviews
  • Extended Determinate Sentence (‘EDS’) inmates
  • Recall/Licence Revocation
  • Re-Categorisation Applications
  • Home Detention Curfews
  • Licence Conditions Challenges

  • Craig is based at our Newcastle-Under-Lyme office and can be contacted on 01782 560155.